Over the last 6 weeks, since the Covid-19 restrictions, there has been a significant increased demand on the services provided by North Offaly CDN.  We are doing everything we can to cater for everyone and to adapt to these new circumstances we are all faced with.  In particular our Meals on Wheels and Home Visiting Service have been greatly affected.

We have adapted the way we deliver our Meals on Wheels to ensure we are fully compliant with all regulations and protecting both the client and those delivering the meals.  The meals are now delivered in recyclable disposable containers for increased safety.  Face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and plastic bags (for safe disposable of used gloves and tissues) are issued to all those delivering meals.  To further protect the clients, we have changed the delivery method whereby we now leave your hot 2 course meals outside your door and ring the doorbell to ensure there is no contact.  The number of clients receiving our Meals on Wheels Service has increased and we endeavour to continue providing this service and meet the growing demand.  

As our Home Visiting Service has changed (temporarily during Covid-19) clients are getting familiar with the new Friendly Call Service. They really appreciate this service been  provided on a Daily/Weekly basis as it is a challenging and lonely time while cocooning, they know there is a friendly call/voice on the other end of the phone ready to listen to them.  Some of our clients also use this service to seek extra help in the delivery of medicines, fuels and groceries while cocooning which we are happy to assist with.

Phone: 057-936277 / 085-2019765 if you would like to enquire about receiving either of these services.

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