In Order to maintain these services we provide, NOCDN needs to raise €25,000 per annum through fundraising. The Covid-19 epidemic has impacted significantly on the cost of providing our services, as we had to change the way many services are delivered, in the short term. In addition, at least two of thelocal fundraising events that take place annually have to be cancelled this year, in order to ensure the safety of volunteers, staff and others.

It is in this regard we have set up a gofundme page:

We need your help and support with.  A lot of the funds raised will be used to subsidise food costs, so that we can deliver a two-course, hot dinner to everybody who needs it, five or six days per week, at a reasonable and affordable cost to the client.  The remainder of the funds raised will be used to support other elements of the service, such as regular calls by phone or in person (daily if necessary to ensure people are ok) and the continuation of the Home and Garden Service to carry out essential repairs, even though it cannot pay for itself, at the current reduced rate of activity.

All the funds raised will be used to make sure older people, living throughout the North Offaly area, will have a full range of supports and services available to them, including shopping for groceries, collecting of prescriptions and other essential items, during this difficult and challenging time for them.  If we can meet our fundraising target, it will mean that we can concentrate on delivering the widest range of high quality services, while our clients can rest assured that the services will be available to them, throughout this crisis period and beyond.

All support will be most welcome, used efficiently and greatly appreciated by all concerned.

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